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Future Tek

Future Tek, Inc. is one of the premiere suppliers of vocational trainers for the electrical field in the United States.  The company was established with the premise that the key to their future is educating our younger generations on the past, present, and future of technology.  With that in mind, Future Tek has developed trainers for use in community colleges, universities, vocational schools, and industrial facilities that address all facets of the electrical field.  Future Tek has trainers that cover residential, commercial, and industrial areas of the electrical field, and each trainer is backed by experience.

Future Tek, Inc.'s founder has 27 years of experience in the electrical industry including 7 years as an instructor of electrical technology at a community college.  During his tenure as an instructor,  he recognized the many pitfalls of the trainers readily available on the market.  With this experience and knowledge, he developed trainers better suited for the educational environment.  Improvements include NON-CONDUCTIVE mounting surface, hard-wired terminal blocks, and the ability to place the trainers on a desktop, in a suitcase, or on a rack.

Future Tek's three major lines; Tek2K - PLCs/Solid State Motor Controls, Nu Concept - Industrial Motor Controls, and Nu Concept - Residential Wiring; are constantly being re-evaluated for improvements and additions to the lines.   The company's founder is in continual contact with manufacturers of electrical equipment to ensure their trainers incorporate the latest in cutting edge technology.   From residential wiring to networked industrial controls, Future Tek has the solution for you.  

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Future Tek catalog
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